Scott Sharpe

Scott began his studies of alternative therapies in 1984, completing certificates in naturopathic philosophy and nutrition, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medical philosophy, esoteric philosophy and healing, whilst concurrently working for and gaining diplomas of Massage Therapy in 1988 and Homoeopathy in 1989, from the Cairns College of Natural Therapies, Australia.

"I’m lucky I was a tradesman baker, able to work nights and so be a “rich” student at the college, where the classes were afternoon and evening. Eventually I was employed by the college in an administrative roll and so could trade off work for tuition fees. I think that I was the student they couldn’t get rid of!"

"I also feel lucky that since being in professional practice my work has allowed me to continue studies of massage and touch therapies from a collective worldwide experience."

Scott retired from his classical homeopathic practice before joining the Loveday clinic in 2003. He is married to Rachael, a Kiwi, and together they have four children.