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Pia Schroeter

Pia loves helping people to make use of their body’s own healing mechanisms and to take control of their health in a truly holistic fashion.

Since childhood Pia has been suffering from eczema, hay fever and allergic reactions that left her wheezing and breathless as soon as she came in contact with pets or farm animals. As she wasn’t aware of alternative options at the time Pia only found symptom relief by taking steroids and antihistamines. Discouraged by the side effects of these drugs and the flare up of symptoms after discontinuing the medication she changed to a more natural treatment approach, including a Buteyko breathing course. 

Having experienced how correct breathing improved her health she became a fully qualified Buteyko Practitioner and makes it her mission to educate and help people to adopt a healthier way of breathing.

Pia is excited about offering the Buteyko breathing programme in Nelson and providing a holistic drug-free method to help both children and adults find relief from asthma symptoms, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disruptions, snoring and allergies.

Driven by her passion to help relieve suffering and supported by her own experience she looks forward to guide you on your way of refining your breathing patterns and improving your wellbeing.

For more information visit https://www.holisticpoint.co.nz/