Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Overcome your barriers, smash your excuses, gain tools that work for you specifically and get the healthy lifestyle you want. Working with adults who know they need to make changes in their lifestyles, or adhere to an exercise programme, or diet, but are unsure how to break their current habits of living.


With mindhealth, learn how to:

  • Recognise barriers that are preventing you from achieving your healthy lifestyle goals and gain strategies to overcome them
  • Understand how depression, anxiety, and anger prevent you from experiencing life, and learn strategies for recognising triggers and overcoming these negative emotions
  • Break unhealthy habits and create healthy habits to maintain healthy lifestyle patterns
  • Clarify health and fitness goals that are specific to your needs
  • Plan, prioritise and balance activities in your week to decrease stress
  • Gain clear direction towards a low stress life.

Life Balance for High Achieving Youth

High achievement academically, artistically, and in sport does not have to lead to anxiety and stress.

mindhealth offer mental skills coaching for high achieving youth (13 to 25 years) and their families to decrease the amount of pressure that can come with unrelenting high standards they expect of themselves.

With mindhealth, learn how to:

  • Balance study, training, work, family, and social time and still achieve expected levels of achievement
  • Be okay with achieving to a high standard in one aspect of life, to achieve excellence in another
  • Overcome the need for absolute perfection
  • Cope with disappointment when expectations are not met
  • Plan, prioritise and balance activities in your week to decrease anxiety and stress.


I work from a combination of psychodynamic, humanist, and cognitive behavioural theories to help individuals discover what in life is meaningful for them, where behaviours, thoughts and emotions originate from, and strategies going forward that they can use to help get them closer to their ideal self/goals.

A completely non-judgemental, open, friendly approach to helping you find the mental skills solutions that will work for your specific needs. Your confidentiality is assured and sessions take place in a closed room

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