Integrated massage for therapy & relaxation

Although working as a general massage therapist able to provide “the best back rub” in town, Scotty specializes in connective tissue (myofascial) and structural bodywork and neuromuscular therapy attempting to integrate traditional world-wide cultural techniques with twenty first century understanding of the body and its working.

He has been with us at the clinic for ten years.

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Mind, body and spirit renewal massage

Sarah is NZQA qualified in Holistic Therapies and is renowned for her AMAZING massage style, which combines Hawaiian Healing Massage, Bowen techniques and Trigger Pointing. 

Her unique bodywork technique balances and realigns the mind, body and spirit. It also helps to improve lower back pains, body aches, eases sciatic nerve discomfort and allows blocked energy to flow, thereby rebalancing the entire body. 

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