Here at the Loveday Clinic we offer a range of different health modalities including Chiropractic, Massage and Bioresonance Therapy. We believe health should not have a limit and we are constantly working as a team to help the people we serve, be the best version of themselves each and everyday, regardless of their age.

Our Story

With every place you go, there is always a story behind how it all began and here is ours!

This Clinic is the oldest running Chiropractic practice here in Nelson and was first established by the late Dr Robert Clifford in 1971 who started practicing at 125 Tasman Street. He then passed his practice on to the late Dr Denis Snow in 1979 who decided to move premises to 17 Collingwood street where we are now.

Twenty one years later the practice was passed to Dr John Loveday who along with his wife Helen Loveday, took the Clinic to new heights and with their vision in mind, added various practitioners to the practice offering more than solely Chiropractic at the Loveday Clinic. Fast forward 17 years and John has handed the Chiropractic practice to Dr Adam Mokhtar and Helen has handed her Bioresonance practice to Noreen Macdonald.

With newer faces making up the team here at The Loveday Clinic, we are constantly evolving and expanding to become further immersed in the Nelson community, through working with our patients and clients to improve their overall health and wellness by helping them to reach their peak and keep them there.

Loveday Clinic team